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Carl Reincke Immigration & Naturalization

Immigration Information.
Carl Reincke and wife Hannah (Mary) Marie Schultz Reincke came to America aboard the vessel S.S. Wieland (Veiland) on October 19, 1882, from Hamburg & Havre. The ship departed Hamburg on October 4, 1882. The ships manifest lists Carl Reinke, age 32; Marie, age 36; Ida, age 9; Anna, age 7 & Carl, age 3.
-source: Hamburg passenger list, microfilm # 0472919; FHL, LDS, SLC, UT

The Port of NY Passenger Arrival's shows the Carl Reincke family listed among the steerage passengers arriving on the S.S. Wieland October 19, 1882. Additional information: occupation is listed as farmer (very difficult to read, may be incorrect) and "Country to which they severally belong" as Wierttenberg, Sussen (difficult to read) and Prussia.

~source: NY passenger arrivals, microfilm # 1027028- #1485; FHL, LDS, SLC, UT.


Country of birth - Germany
Date of birth - May 19, 1850
Date of port arrival - Oct. 21, 1882; NY
Date of naturalization January 5, 1922
Witnesses: John Saueressig & Clarence Muchow - Postville, Iowa

~source: Naturalization index card, Allamakee Co. IA #1462973


Declaration of Intention.
Dated February 11, 1918
Age - 67
Occupation -- retired farmer
Color - white; Ht - 5'5"; Wt - 125#; Hair - gray; Eyes - brown
Birth place/date - Mecklenberg, Germany 5/19/1850
Emmigrated from - Hamburg, Germ on the vessel Veiland
Last foreign residence - Mokarkol, Germany
Wife - Mary Reincke, b. Mecklenberg, Germany & now resides in Postville, IA
Signed - Carl Reincke (frail signature)

~source: Allamakee Co. IA, Decl. of Intent, pg. 77; microfilm # 1479488; & typed declaration Vol. G, pg. 39 Allamakee Co. IA Naturalization Service Records, microfilm # 1479489; FHL, LDS, SLC, UT.


Petition for Naturalization.
General info. he gave was same as on the intent.

Additional info:

Names of 7 children:
Etta Meyer, b. 10/24/1873 Meck, Germ
Annie Sauressig, b. 5/27/1871 Meck, Germ.
Chas Reincke, b. 8/18/1879, Meck, Germ
Mary Kaufman (sic), b. 5/30/1882, Postville
Otto Reincke, b. 12/25/1884, Postville, deceased
Fritz Reincke, b. 1/10/1886, Clayton Co.
Amelia Willman, b. 5/4/1888, Clayton Co.

States he has never applied for naturalization previously

-Witnesses: John Saueressig, electrician, Postville, IA
Clarence Muchow, electrician, Postville, IA
signed & dated 9/12/1921

Oath of Allegiance, signed by Carl Reincke 1/5/1922
Admitting Petitioner as citizen of USA, dated 1/5/1922

~source: Allamakee Co. IA, Naturalization Service Petition & Record, Vol G; pg 39; microfilm # 1479489; FHL, LDS, SLC, UT.

~documents trascribed by Sharyl Ferrall, gg-granddaughter. The documents were generously shared with me by K. Reincke, g-grandson of Carl Reincke.


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