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German Immigration
from Husum (vicinity), Hanover, Germany to Allamakee Co. Iowa area

Husum, Hanover, Germany vicinity
Map of Husum, Hanover, Germany vicinity

Gross Varlingen, Bolsehle, Schessinghausen, and Linsburg all went to the church in Husum.
The other villages did not have their own Church.




Block, Fred William 1872 Originally settled at Guttenberg, Clayton co. Iowa. He & wife moved to Postville in 1919.
Bromelkamp, Bernard
Bromelkamp, Christine (Miller)
Both were natives of Hanover, Germany. Married in McGregor, Clayton co. & later farmed near Monona.
Eberling, Diedrich F. Ludwig
Eberling, Louisa (Meyer)
Eberling, Fred C.
1870 The parents were married in Germany. Settled near Guttenberg, then near Giard and in 1879 moved to the vicinity of Postville. The son, Fred C. married Sophia Eggert & second Eva Elizabeth Fischer
Fischer, Dorothea C. C. (Brase)
Fischer, William Henry
Fisher, August (*notes at bottom of page)
1883 The mother was born in Germany in 1831. She was married to Friedrich Diedrich Fischer, who died in 1871. She married Heinrich Lienau second. The son was born in Schessinghausen, Hanover, Germany in 1865. Settled at Garnavillo, Clayton co., then moved to Postville. He married Louisa Schroeder. August Fisher: Born in Schessinghausen, Hanover, Germany in 1863.
Hartman, Henry
Hartman, Minnie (Strahmeyer)
Hartman, Lena
ca1880 The family originally settled at Guttenberg, Clayton co. Iowa. Lena married Henry Behrens - moved to Postville in 1904.
Heins, Fred unknown Born in Hanover in 1847. Married Dora Schultz in Germany. Farmed first in Clayton co. and then in Allamakee co.
Heins, Meta Adelheid ca1851 Settled first at Garnavillo, Clayton co, Iowa, then Springfield, then to Postville in 1893. Married Henry Meyer.
Kregel, Wilhelm Henry
Kregel, Sophia (Block) - his wife

Kregel, Conrad
Kregel, Louise (Hohmeir) - 2nd wife
-Kregel, Frederich Heinrich Phillip
Kregel, Charlotte (Oldenstadt) - his wife




To Guttenburg, Clayton co.; married at Husum Church. Son, Henry, married Sophia Meyer
Daughter, Louisa Christina married Henry Borcherding
To Guttenburg, Clayton co. Two children by 1st marriage - Fred & Louise Kregel.
To Guttenburg, Garnovillo twp. Clayton co.
The Kregel brothers were from Grohs Varlingen, Hanover, Germany and members of Husum Church. Their descendants still live in Clayton co. as well as Allamakee County. (Family story of the journey to America)
*Krueger, Henry 1884 Came from Brokeloh, Hanover, Germany. Married Caroline Kregel, daughter of Frederich Kregel. Henry's family were friends of Kregels in Germany and he stayed with Fredrich's family when he came to America and then married Caroline. Henry and Caroline farmed south of Luana, Clayton Co. Their descendants still live in Clayton co. as well as Allamakee County.
Meyer, Louise Wilhelmine Caroline ca1869 Born in Husen, Hanover, Germany in 1854. Married to Carl Hein, they farmed just south of Postville, in Clayton co. until his death, when she moved to Postville.
Meyer, Sophia ca1869/70 Born abt 1850 in Germany. Immigrated with her mother; sister was Louisa (Meyer) Eberling. Married Henry Kregel & lived in Jefferson twp, Clayton co.
Nachtwey, T. 1859 Born in Hanover, Germany, in 1833. Married to Louisa Erp-Brockhausen. Settled in Lansing.
Nuehring, Diedrich
Nuehring, Louisa (Fischer)
ca1882 Were married at married at Husum, Germany. Farmed near Postville. She was the daughter of Dorothea Fischer (see above)
Reinhart, August Heinrich Dietrich 1873 Born in Schessinghausen, Germany, in 1844. Settled first in Clayton co., then removed to Winneshiek Co. just northwest of Postville. Married to Caroline Schlueter & secondly to Mrs. Alwine Helmke.

~Note: some of these persons lived in the vicinity of Allamakee co. - just across county lines in Clayton or Winneshiek co.'s; others had immediate family members who resided in Allamakee co.
~Information compiled by Georgia Nuehring Bruns (now deceased) from various sources (unless otherwise noted)

The Kregel/Krueger information was contributed by Lyn Martin

"My ggrandfather is August Fischer, he is listed as August Fisher [in Georgia's data above] ... his Mother, Dorothea C. (Brase) Fischer and his brother William Fischer, came over together, with Louisa Fischer Nuehring…who is listed with the Nuehrings.    August Fischer married Sophia Wilhelmine Catherine Sculte (Schultz) on June 22, 1886 and they resided in Castalia, Winneshiek co. IA" - contributed by Margo Harbridge, March 2007

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