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Ship Atalanta

Dublin, Ireland - New York
May 5, 1847

Contributed by Tammy O'Hare Kuhn

While searching for  Allamakee Irish immigrant  James O'Hare, a cousin brought to my attention the Ship Atalanta. It left Dublin, Ireland and landed in New York May 5, 1847. A James O'Hare was on this ship with the right birth date range to be the Irish immigrant I was looking for. What was interesting was all of the other Allamakee surnames listed on this ship. I know Immigrants sometimes traveled together, and this may or may not be the ancestors of Allamakee roots, but it is interesting enough to share. I copied the list of Allamakee surnames & added the birth years to the names on the ship, Hopefully this might be a lead for someone researching Allamakee ancestors. All of the names on the list were in the Steerage compartment of the ship. I could find no other information regarding this ship, but I did find an 1847 article "Sufferings of Emigrants in New York", transcribed by Dennis Ahern, a volunteer with the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. Mr. Ahern has granted permission to use his transcription of the following news article:

The Cork Examiner, 19 May 1847 -SUFFERINGS OF EMIGRANTS IN NEW YORKThe paupers who have recently arrived from Europe give a most melancholy account of their sufferings. Upwards of eighty individuals, almost dead with the ship fever, were landed from one ship alone, while twenty-seven of the cargo died on the passage, and were thrown into the sea. They were one hundred days tossing to and fro upon the ocean, and for the last twenty days their only food consisted of a few ounces of meal per day, and their only water was obtained from the clouds. The miseries which these people suffer are brought upon themselves, for they have no business to leave their country without at least a sufficient quantity of food to feed them while making the passage. --New York Sun.


Possible Allamakee co. surnames
Steerage class passengers aboard the Ship Atalanta from Dublin, Ireland to New York, arriving May 5, 1847:

Name Birth Year Notes
Burke, Ellem 1816 Immigrant
Butler, John 1827 Immigrant
Byrne, John 1813 Immigrant
Byrne, Michael 1826 Immigrant
Byrne, Michael 1827 Immigrant
Casey, Patrick 1823 Servant
Casey, Honora 1830 Immigrant
Cassidy, John 1823 Immigrant
Cassidy, Bridget 1825 Immigrant
Eagen, Patrick 1826 Immigrant
Flanagan, Bridgetette 1827 Immigrant
Hale, Magaret 1821 Servant
Hale, William 1821 Farmer
Hale, Johanna 1843 Child
Hale, John   Born at sea
Keenan, Mary 1815 Immigrant
Keenan, Henry 1817 Immigrant
Keenan, Timothy 1836 Child
Keenan, Patrick 1840 Child
Keenan, William   Born at sea
Kelly, John 1823 Immigrant
Kelly, Sally 1826 Immigrant
Kelly, John 1826 Immigrant
Kelly, John 1826 Immigrant
Kelly, James 1836 Child
Kelly, Ellen 1838 Child
Maloney, Peter 1819 Immigrant
Maloney, U. 1821 Servant
McCormick, John 1813 Immigrant
McCormick, U. 1815 Immigrant
McCormack, Ellen 1834  
McCormack, John 1836  
McCormack, Saml. Sam 1838 Child
McCormack, William 1840 Child
McCormack, Gully 1844 Child
McCormack, Amity   Born at sea
Mcevoy, Sarah 1827 Immigrant
Mullaney, Ellen 1832  
Mullaney, Mary 1829 Immigrant
Mullaney, Catherine 1831  
Mullaney, May 1827 Immigrant
Mullaney, Sally 1827 Immigrant
O'Hara, Patrick 1826 Immigrant
O'Hare, Jas 1826 Immigrant

-source: "New York, Irish Immigrant Arrival Records, 1846-1851". Original data: Famine Irish Entry Project, 1846-1851. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration.
-Allamakee surnames & birthdates extracted from the database by Tammy O'Hare Kuhn


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