P.C. Evenmoe


A well tilled farm of one hundred and fifty-six acres in Waterloo township has yielded most gratifying returns for the labor expended upon it by its owner, P. C. Evenmoe, who during the entire period of his active career has engaged in agricultural pursuits. Upon the property which he now occupies his birth occurred 1870, his parents being Christian and Lucy Evenmoe, Natives of Norway. Lucy came from that country of America in 1856 and settled in Allamakee county where the father purchased eighty acres of land, which constitutes a portion of a farm now operated by the subject of this review. On section 7, Waterloo township, he followed farming and stock-raising until his retirement, adding to his holdings from time to time until he owned three hundred and thirteen acres. one hundred of which were in a high state of cultivation. He passed away January 28, 1907, having survived his wife since 1898. To their union were born six: Olaus, Mary, Andrew, Dorothy and Peter, all of whom have passed away: and P.C., of this review.

P.C. Evenmoe acquired his education in the public schools of Allamakee county and in the Breckenridge Institute at Decorah. In his youth he assisted his father with the work of the homestead and when he was twenty-two years of age rented the property which he has operated since that time. Upon the oath of his father he came into possession of his portion of the land and he Now owns one hundred and fifty-six acres, one hundred of which are under cultivation. Upon this fine property he ‘engages’ in general farming, paying particular attention to stock-raising, which under his able management has become an important source of income to him.

Mr. Evenmoe, married in 1900 Miss Sophia Swenson, a native of Waterloo township and a daughter of John and Carrie Swenson, who were born in Norway and who came to America in 1858. After an attempted settlement in Minnesota, from which state they were driven out by the Indians, they made their home in Allamakee county, Iowa where the father accumulated large landed holdings. [time one hundred and forty acres]. He afterward sold the property and moved to Winneshiek county, where he and his wife passed away. They had a large family of children, eight of whom are still living, namely, Mary, Johannah, Gertrude, Maria, Belle, Sophia, Julia and Samuel. Mrs. Evenmoe acquired her education in the Breckenridge Institute in Decorah and for thirteen years previous to her marriage engaged in teaching. She and her husband have four children: Joel C., whose birth occurred in 1901; Leonard A., born in 1903; Carl E., born in 1907; and Henry G., born in 1910. The family are members of the Lutheran church.

Mr. Evenmoe is a republican in his political beliefs and is now in the fourth term of his able service as township clerk. A man of good business ability which has won for him substantial success and guided in all his dealings by the most honorable and upright principles, he possesses also those personal characteristics which command confidence and good-will and which place him among the most highly respected and valued residents of his native township.

-source: Past & Present of Allamakee County; by Ellery M. Hancock; S. J. Clarke Pub. Co.; 1913
-transcribed by Diana Diedrich

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