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1882 Biographies
from the
History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa
by W.E. Alexander; Western Publishing co.; Sioux City, Iowa; 1882

'S' surnames

All of the biographies in the Allamakee co. section of the book were transcribed by Roxanne Barth and Phyllis Peterson.
Some of the biographies, those with close ties to Allamakee co., but from the Winneshiek co. section of the book, have been transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall.

William Saddler, farmer; sec. 32, P.O. French Creek; owns 370 acres of land valued at $20 per acre; was born in Cambridgeshire, England, May 27, 1830; came to the U.S. in 1851, locating at Maumee, Ohio. In the spring of 1852 he went to Gibson Co., Ind., and in 1856 came to his county. He married Mary Bulman, a native of England, January 15, 1856, and they have six children, James G., Mary E., William M., John B., James E., and Ada J. They have lost by death one daughter, Eliza A. Mr. S. is a member of the Presbyterian Church. pg 540

Gilbert Satrang, farmer. sec. 11, Paint Creek Township was born in Norway, Dec. 5, 1831, and came to this country, to Michigan, in July, 1851, and afterwards to Wisconsin. In 1867 he came from Wisconsin to Iowa, and settled in Paint Creek Township where he bought land upon which he has since resided. It was then bare prairie land, but is now surrounded and well sheltered with beautiful trees, making one of the pleasantest of homes. He now owns 200 acres of valuable land in this township. From his first residence here Mr. Satrang has taken a position naturally among the prominent men, and has frequently been called to positions of trust and honor. For several years in succession he held the office of collector for his township, as he had also that of assessor; and was at one time was on the board of Township trustees. In the fall of 1877, he was elected a member of the county board of supervisors by a large majority, for a term of three years. At its expiration in 1880 he was re-elected and is now serving his sixth consecutive year in this responsible capacity. Mr. Satrang was married in 1855. His wife, Bergith, is also a native of Norway where she was born in 1836. They have six children living, viz: Andrea T., Christian O., Carl A., Emma C., Albert I. and Ivar I. pg 532-533

Christ Scheuning, P.O. Waukon; farmer, sec. 28; owns 120 acres of land valued at $35 per acre; was born October 10, 1829, Wurtemburg, Germany; emigrated to the United States in 1857, locating in Stevenson County, Iilinois, where he remained till in 1869 he came to Allamakee County, Iowa, locating upon the farm upon which he still resides. He married Miss Mary Herman in Ill. in 1858. She died in 1865 and he was again married to Nancy Wilber in 1866. His children by his first wife are Barbara, Frederick and Elizabeth, and by his second wife, one son, Albert. pg 533

Fred Schiek, dealer in groceries and provisions, Lansing; was born in Germany, in 1836; came to New York, where he engaged in brewing, also groceries, etc at different intervals until 1858, when he came to Iowa, locating in Center township, Allamakee Co., where he purchased 75 acres of land, which he farmed until 1862, when he removed to Lansing and engaged in the saloon business. In this business he continued exclusively until 1874, when he enlarged his building, adding a stock of groceries and provisions. He has been a member of the city council and school board. He married Miss Barbara Kehr, a native of Germany. They have five children: Louis, Lina, Mathilde, Louisa and Emily. pg 538

J. B. Schmidt, Postville, manufacturer and of dealer in boots and shoes; was born in 1835 in Germany, where he received his education and learned his trade. His parents both died when he was young, leaving him dependent upon relatives. In 1866 he emigrated to the U.S., stopping at Galena, Ill., he worked at his trade there a short time and afterwards made a tour through Iowa, Mo., Col. and Neb., working at journey work at different cities of those states. He was married to Miss Mary Weiss, of Galena, Ill., in 1868, after which he lived at Patch Grove, Grant Co., Wis., some three years, then came to Postville and established his present business. His wife died October 22, 1874, leaving him with three children: John B., Mary M. and Aurelia M. Mr. S. speaks German, French and English, and is a member of the Catholic Church. pg 535-536

A. Schulte, farmer, P.O. Dorchester; owns 355 acres of land valued at $18 per acre; was born in Germany, November 1841; came to the U. S. in 1867, and to Dorchester via New York and Cincinnati. He rented the brewery at Dorchester for five years, and then moved upon his farm. He married Caroline Koenig, a native of Illinois, October 28, 1869, and they have six children, Sophia. Theodore, Clements, Eda, Bernard and Allawena. They have lost by death one child, Elizabeth. Mr. S. is a member of the Catholic Church. pg 539

J. B. Schulte, P.O. Dorchester, farmer, sec. 28; Waterloo Township; owns 440 acres of land valued at $15 per acre; was born in Germany December 24, 1821; came to the U.S. in 1846, locating at St. Louis, Mo. In 1854 he came to Davenport, engaging in brick making, and in 1864, moved upon his present farm. He married Teckla Oldemann, at St.Louis, in 1848. She died in 1849, and he subsequently married Mary A. Lakars, who died in 1863. In June 1863, he married Mary Bald. He has three children by his second wife, Bennet, Mary and Anna; and two by his present wife, John A. and Henry. pg 539-540

Christian Schwarzhoff, farmer, Waterloo Township, Sec 27, post office Dorchester; owns 329 acres of land valued at $20 per acre; was born in Germany July 27, 1830; came to the U.S, in 1854, stopping about six months near Dubuque. Iowa, and the following spring moved upon his present farm. He married Ellen Engelken, a native of Germany, in 1857, and they have seven children, Mary, Agnes, Anna, Elizabeth, Christian, Margaret and Hermon. Mr. S. is a member of the Catholic Church, and is independent on politics. pg 540

Theodore Schwarzhoff, farmer, P.O. Dorchester; owns about 600 acres of land on sec. 23, valued at $12 per acre; was born Feb. 28, 1836, in Germany. His father came to Dubuque, Iowa, in 1853, the family following in the spring of 1854, and in the spring of 1855 they came to the farm where he resides. His father died in 1866, his mother in 1874. He married Elizabeth Konig, October 12, 1866. She is a native of Illinois. They have nine children, Bernard, Elizabeth, James, Caroline, Adolph, Lena, William, Christine and Theodore. Mr. S. has served as assessor, trustee and justice of the peace. He is a member of the Catholic Church and is a greenbacker in politics. pg 539

Reuben Sencebaugh, P.O. Rossville, farmer, sec. 32; owns a farm of 537 acres valued at $20 per acre. He was born January 20, 1811, in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. His parents moved to Monongahela County, Virginia, in 1820. For several years previous to coming to Iowa, he was engaged in the manufacturing of iron, and for some years as superintendent of a blast furnace, for the smelting of iron ore. He immigrated to Iowa in 1850, stopping in Clayton County till 1852. He then came on to his present farm, he being among the earliest settlers of the township. He married Catharine McShane, of Va., November 9, 1837. She was born in 1815. They have eight children, Sarah, Margaret, Mary A., Francis, Almeda, Abraham, Clara and Dora. The youngest is now a student of the Iowa University, and will graduate the next term. His son Francis served his country in the late rebellion in Co. L. 5th Io. Cav. Mr. S. has served his Township as justice of the peace. pg 532

James Shaff, sec. 21, P.O. Waukon, owns 200 acres of land valued at $35 per acre; was born in New Jersey in 1817, his parents moving to Canada when he was about a year old, remaining there but a short time, then moved to Trumbull Co., Ohio, where he remained till in 1837, when he went to Laporte Co., Ind., remaining there until in 1851, he came to Allamakee Co.; the family following the year after. They were among the pioneers of the County. He was married to Miss Louisa Wood in 1858. She was a native of Portage Co., Ohio, and died in 1864. He was again married to Addie Wood, sister of his first wife, in 1866, has one daughter by his second marriage, Estella, and lost one son by his first wife, Charles. He is a member of the M. E. church. pg 534

Ed. Sheehy, proprietor of European restaurant; son of John and Bridget Sheehy; was born in 1847 in Salem, Mass. His father followed railroading, and when he was quite small went to Vt. and afterwards to New York, remaining but a short time, when he moved to Ohio, afterwards living in Mo., Ill. and Iowa. In 1854 he came to Dubuque, and afterwards lived in Fayette and Clayton counties. He married Ellen Murphy in 1870. She was born in Ohio. Mr. S. came to Postville in 1870 and commenced his present business. They have four children, John E., James F., Mary E. and Anna T., and have lost two, Michael J. and Catharine E. His father died January 2d, 1882. He is a member of the Catholic Church. pg 535

Bard Shefloe, P.O. Waukon, farmer, sec. 5; owns 365 acres of land valued at $30 per acre; was born in Norway in 1832, emigrated to the U.S. in 1860, and the same year located in this Co. Mr. S. has by economy and industry accumulated a good farm, well improved. He was married to Miss Olein Kjelseth in 1862. She was also born in Norway. Their children are Joseph S., Oscar E., and Marcilla. Mr. S. is a member of the Lutheran church. pg 534-535

G. W. Sherman, post office Waukon, farmer; son of Jno. S. and Polly Sherman; was born in 1834 in Erie Co., Penn., and immigrated to Green Co., Wis., in 1855, remaining there till 1857, when he came to Allamakee Co., locating in Jefferson Township, on sec. 23., where he owns forty acres of first-class land, well improved. Aug. 8, 1862, he enlisted in Co. A, 27th Iowa Inf. He was most of the time employed in the hospital, being nurse one and a half years, and hospital steward one year; was mustered out at the close of the war and returned home. He was married to Miss Catharine Round, of Wis., in 1857, by whom he has four children, Jessie D., Lena L., Mary E., Debbie L. Mrs. S. died Feb. 26, '73. He has served his Township as trustee, assessor, and president of school board several years, and is also a member of the I.O.O.F. pg 534

Hans Simenson, farmer, P.O. Hanover; owns 280 acres of land on section 21, valued at $15 per acre. He is a son of Ole and Anna Simenson, was born in Norway, August 9, 1840, and came with parents to America in 1851, They settled in Decorah Township, Winneshiek Co., Iowa, where they remained until January, 1855, then moved to their present farm. His father died October 15th, 1878. The subject of this sketch was married to Patrina Larson, in January 1869; they have four children, Sarah A., Charles O., Jane Louisa and Alfred L. Mr. S. has served as supervisor of Township, assessor, trustee, and as a member of school board. He enlisted in Go. H, 9th Io. Inf., and served three years. He enlisted as a veteran in 1864, and was discharged in 1865. He was in a large number of important battles, and was with Sherman on his famous march to the sea. pg 538-539

Holver Simonsen, blacksmith, of the firm of Simonsen & Peterson. The subject of this sketch is a native of Norway, born in 1846. In 1852 the family emigrated to the U.S., and settled near Decorah, Winneshiek Co., Iowa. Here young Simonsen followed farming and in 1872 was married to Miss Gustava Larsen. In 1873 he removed to Waukon, and has since been a partner of the above named firm. He has three children living, Fredrich F., 0live C., and Hattie A. pg 537

Hans Smeby, farmer, section 8; born in Norway in 1826, came to Wisconsin in 1850, to Iowa in 1851, and settled where he now resides. Owns 440 acres of land. He was one of the earliest settlers of Paint Creek Township, and has ever been one of her most prominent men. He represented this township on the County Board of Supervisors during 1868-69-70, until the new plan of but three supervisors went into effect. Mr. Smeby was married in the old country to Miss Helen Froslie, and has eight children living: Olaf, Martha, 0le, Oline, Eliza, Laura, Helen and Berthe. Olaf married Marie Carlson in 1876, and is now pastor of the Norwegian Lutheran church, at Albert Lea, Minn. Martha married in 1877 to L. J. Aga, who also resides at Albert Lea. Oline married A. T. Anderson, of this township. pg 538

Ole Smeby, deceased, was born in Norway in 1804; came to Wis. in 1849, and to Paint Creek in 1851, with his first, third and fourth sons, Hans, Ole and John. Hans and John still live here. Ole, jr., died the year following their arrival. The second son, Hovel, preceded the others to this country coming in 1848; was married in 1851 and died about 1864. His widow re-married and lives in Minnesota. Mr. Smeby died in Nov. 1875. His wife, Mary, was born in 1793, and died in January preceding her husband's death. (pg not recorded)

Louis K. Smith, farmer, sec. 1, P.O. Waukon; son of J. C. and Mary J. Smith, his father being a native of Ohio and mother of Pennsylvania. They came to this Co. in 1849, locating at Volney, where the subject of this sketch was born in 1853. His father, in company with a man by the name of Austin Smith, who was a millwright, built a sawmill a Volney, it being among the first in the county. In 1855 his parents moved to Waukon and engaged in the hotel business for about a year, when his father traded it for a farm north of Waukon, which he ran a short time, then traded it for the Decorah House, in Decorah, which he ran three years, when he disposed of it and traded for the farm upon which Mr. S. now lives; but soon sold it and moved to Waukon, where he died in 1875, his wife following him two years later. His father was a member of the A.F. & A.M. The subject of this sketch received a fair education in the common schools, qualifying himself for a teacher, in which capacity he has had some experience. He was married to Miss Olive J. Holbrook, Dec. 1874. She was also a native of this county. They have four children, Mabel, Louella, William and Louis K. Mr. S. purchased his present farm of 265 acres in 1880; it being one of the best farms in the Township. pg 534

Dr. T. C. Smith, postmaster, and dealer in general merchandise and drugs; was born April 1st, 1827, in Center Co., Pa.; removed to Stephenson Co., Ill., in 1848; thence to Elizabeth, Joe Daviess County, in 1850, and engaged as clerk in a general store. In 1854 he went to Buena Vista, where he engaged in clerking until 1856, when he came to Dorchester and entered the employ of G. W. Hayes, whose business he purchased in company with J. M. Tart in the fall of 1858. This partnership continued until 1872, when Dr. Smith became sole proprietor. He carries a stock of from three to four thousand dollars in value. October 22d, 1852, he was married to Martha J. Tart, a native of Missouri. Mr. S. has been county supervisor, and has held various Township offices. He has been postmaster since the office was established in 1856. pg 539

W. H. Smith was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., in 1817, and when nine years of age removed with his parents to Ohio. Here in 1840 he was married to Wealthy Landon. In 1847 he removed to Wis., and in 1869 to Io., and located in Clayton Co. In 1867 his wife died, leaving one child, Ada, now Mrs. F. G. Hannahs, of Chicago. In 1869 he married Sally Smith and removed to Woodbury Co. While there he suffered greatly by the grasshoppers. In 1879 he came to Allamakee Co., and has since had charge of the county poor farm. pg 537-538

E. K. Spencer, dealer in harness, etc., was born in Pennsylvania, in 1838; came to Decorah, Winneshiek Co., in 1857. Here he learned his trade with his brother. In 1860 he went to Rice Co., Minnesota, where he was engaged in business until 1869, at which date he came to Waukon, and has since been engaged in the manufacture and sale of harness. Mr. S. was married in 1863 to Miss Lucy E. Story, and has three children, Alice E., Chester H. and Edward. pg 501

Anton Staadt, dealer in drugs, paints, oils, glass, wall paper, oil paintings, chromos, etc., Postville; was born in Prussia in 1821 near the River Rhine; was educated in Prussia, and at the high school of arts and manufactures in Paris, gaining a thorough knowledge of chemistry; was in that school three years, returned home and served as director in a glass factory. In 1851 he emigrated to the United States, stopping in a drug establishment in New York a few months, after which he came to Wisconsin, where he remained till the spring of 1853, when he came to Post township, this county, purchasing a farm, upon which he remained till, in 1865, came to Postville and engaged in his present business. He married Miss Paulina Verver in the spring of 1851; they have one son, Godfrey, and have lost one, Anton, who died in Milwaukee, Dec. 16, 1871. Mr. S. is a member of the A.F. & A.M. pg 535

Edward Staadt, farmer, P.O. Postville; owns a farm of 285 acres, valued at $9,000; was born in Prussia near the River Rhine in 1822; emigrated to the United States in 1853, stopping a short time at Sheboygan, Wis., but arriving the same year at Allamakee County, Iowa, purchasing in the south part of Post Township in company with his brother, Anton. He subsequently sold out and purchased his present farm in 1860. He was married to Miss Hannah Mitchell, also a native of Germany, in 1860, and has four children, Charlotte, Carl W., John and Frederick. pg 536

G. W. Stafford, blacksmith and dealer in pumps, wind mills, etc., Postville; was born in Rochester, N.Y., in 1829. His parents immigrated to Cass County, Michigan, in 1835, and in 1839 to DeKalb Co., IIlinois, where he remained till the spring of 1850, when he went to California via New Orleans and ocean steamer, remaining there engaged in mining most of the time, also in general merchandising, and at his trade. Finally, on account of being troubled with sciatic rheumatism, he was compelled to return to the states in 1869, coming via New York, and to Postville, Iowa, where he engaged in blacksmithing, brick making, etc., which latter business be followed some three years, burning nearly three-quarter of a million of brick and putting up several brick buildings, including the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was married to Miss Martha Perry, of England, in 1870. They have four children, Nettie, Sarah, Georgiana and James, and have lost one, Mattie. Mr. S. is a member of the M. E. Church and the I.O.O.F. and A.O.U.W. pg 536

Frank Steel, P.O. Postville, farmer, sec. 34; owns 170 acres of land valued at $50 per acre. He was born in France in 1813, where he remained till in 1847, when he emigrated to the U.S., coming via New Orleans and up the Mississippi to Galena, Ill., and located on a farm nine miles from there. In the fall of 1856 he came to this county and located on his present farm. He married Catharine Kiser, of France, in 1842. They have three children, Barbara, Joseph and Christine. His son Joseph runs the farm. Joseph was married to Margaret Ryan in 1874; they have seven children, Francis, Joseph, John, Jane, Henry V., William and Catharine. Mr. S. is a member of the Catholic Church. pg 535

Victor H. Stevens, merchant and station agent. This successful young business man was born in Connecticut in 1855; came to Washington Prairie, Winneshiek County, in 1857; to Waukon in 1862; established himself in the mercantile business at Waterville in the fall of 1877 with J. H. Hall, of Waukon, under the style of V. H. Stevens & Co., and the following year erected the large, substantial store building and residence which he now occupies. After various changes in the membership of the firm Mr. S. became the sole proprietor of the mercantile interest in the spring of 1881; and early in 1882 still further enlarged his operations by the purchase of a hardware business established there in 1880. Previous to locating at Waterville, Mr. Stevens was deputy postmaster at Waukon for several years. He also assisted in the surveys of the W. & M. R. R., and upon its completion to Waterville was appointed station agent, which position he still occupies, as well as agent for the Am. Express Co. In December 1878, Mr. Stephens was married to Miss Dily E. Hersey, and has one child, Vera. pg 533

Albert G. Stewart, attorney, was born in Green Co., Wis., March 1, 1854, came to Waukon March 18, 1875, and entered the study of law with H. H. Stilwell. Was admitted to practice October, 1876, and on the first of January following formed a partnership with C. S. Stilwell, which continued two years, when he purchased the interest of his partner. Was admitted to practice in the U.S. Courts, at Dubuque at the age of 24. In January 1880, he received the appointment of Attorney for the County Board of Supervisors, a position to which he has since been twice reappointed, and which he still retains. That a young man of only 28, and hardly six years at the bar, should have built up for himself, in this brief time, a law business said to be second to none in the county, is a fact well worthy of record. At the Republican County Convention, May 1879, he was honored with an election as chairman of the County Central Committee, and conducted the campaign with marked success, resulting in his re-election for that position in 1880-81-82. In August 1881, he was elected captain of Co. I, 4th Reg. Iowa National Guards, and with the same persistent application which characterizes all his labors, succeeded in placing the company on such a footing that it easily secured the first award, of $100, for the best drilled company in the 2d Brigade, June 22, 1882. Mr. Stewart was married December 17, 1878, to Miss May I. Stone, and has two children, Albert M. and Wayne W. In 1880 he purchased the fine property in Waukon where he now resides. pg 537

A.E. Stiles, of the firm of McEwen & Stiles, dealers in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, etc., was born in Allegany, N.Y., in 1854, and came to Postville, Io., in 1855, with his parents, where he has since resided, with the exception of two years spent in Batavia, N.Y., learing the drug trade. He established his present business in 1879. pg 636, Winneshiek co. biographies

C. S. Stilwell, attorney, a native of Erie Co., N.Y., was born in 1838. In 1851 he came west and first settled in Rock Co., Wis., where he attended and taught school until 1865. He then came to Allamakee Co., and in 1868 settled at Waukon. Here he served as deputy county treasurer, justice of the peace, and read law until December, 1870, when he was admitted to the bar, since which time he has been doing a general law and collection business. He was married in the fall of 1862 to Miss Elizabeth M. Bowen, a native of Franklin Co., Pennsylvania. He has four sons and three daughters. pg 537

H. H. Stilwell, attorney-at-law, was born in Wyoming Co., N.Y., in 1841. He came west to Janesville. Wis., where he lived a few years, and in 1862 went to Stephenson Co., Ills., and two years later he moved to this Co. In 1867 he was elected to the position of county treasurer, and subsequently engaged in the practice of law. He married Eliza Bowen, a native of Va. They have two sons and one daughter. pg 538

Wm. T. Stull, P.O. Rossville, farmer, sec 26; son of John and Thankfull Stull; was born in 1819 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, immigrated to Iowa in 1852, locating in this county, he being among the early settlers. Mr. S. enlisted in Co. I, 27th Inf., in August 1862, serving till the close of the war in 1865. He participated in most all of the battles in which the company was engaged, among which were Pleasant Hill, La.; Yellow Bayou, Nashville, Tennessee; also at the capture of Fort Blakely, Spanish Fort, Mobile, Ala.; after which he was discharged and returned. Mr. S. was married to Miss Mary Rowan in 1847, in Pa. They have three children, Elijah, Fillmore and Laura, and have lost nine, John, Nathaniel, William, Luella J., Emma, Mary E., Charles S., Frank and David: most of whom died of diphtheria. Mr. S. owns a farm of one hundred and sixty-five acres, valued at $25 per acre. pg 533

Bennett Swenson, farmer, P.O. Waterville, owns 315 acres of land valued at $25 per acre, was born December 25, 1824, in Norway, emigrated to the U.S. in the spring of 1845, locating in Rock Co., Wis. In January 1850, he started for the gold regions of California; going via New York and ocean steamer around Cape Horn to San Francisco; and up the Sacramento River to Sacramento. He engaged in mining till in 1853; returned via the isthmus to New York, and by rail to Wisconsin. In 1854 he came to Allamakee Co., and located on his present farm. He married Augusta Thorson in October 1854. She died Sept. 9, 1875, leaving him with six children, Sven, Thorson, Olaus, Andrew, Julia and Isabel. They have lost two, Andrew and Rosina. Mr. S. is a member of the Lutheran church. pg 536


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