1882 Biographies
from the
History of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties, Iowa
by W.E. Alexander; Western Publishing co.; Sioux City, Iowa; 1882

'G' surnames

All of the biographies in the Allamakee co. section of the book were transcribed by Roxanne Barth and Phyllis Peterson.
Some of the biographies, those with close ties to Allamakee co., but from the Winneshiek co. section of the book, have been transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall.

Ferdinand & Herman Gaunitz. Gaunitz Bros., grocers, Lansing. Herman, the elder brother, was born in Saxony, Germany, in 1848; in 1850 he came with his parents to America, and they first located in Indiana. In 1856, he removed to Iowa and settled in this county. Mr. Gaunitz. was employed as clerk for about twelve years previous to engaging in business here. Ferdinand, the junior member of the above firm, was born in Indiana in 1852, and was raised on a farm near Lansing. In May 1882, he came to town and engaged in trade in company with his brother. pg 494

L.M. Getchell is known by all who have patronized him to be a first-class barber, who, with his assistant, has arranged the toilets of the people of Waukon since 1877. He was born in the state of Maine, in 1854, and came with his parents to Buchanan County, Iowa, in 1863; received an academic education, and led a mercantile life until July 1877, at which time he came to Waukon and engaged in his present business. On the 17th day of August 1880, he was united in matrimony to Miss May E. Dean, daughter of Judge George M. Dean, of Waukon, and has one child, Clarence. pg 493

E.B. Gibbs, the gentlemanly station and express agent at Waukon, was born in the Buckeye State, in 1856. In 1866, the family removed to Illinois, and in 1873 to Iowa, first stopping at Specht's Ferry one year, then removing to Harpers' Ferry, Allamakee county. Here the subject of this sketch followed railroading until the completion of the W. & M. R. R., since which time he has had charge of the station at Waukon. He was married in 1875 to Miss Mila Zimmerman, of Potosi, Wis.; they have three children, Evy, Ella and Ruth. Mr. Gibbs is a member of the A.F.& A.M. pg 493

C.W. Giesen, dealer in lumber, doors, sah, blinds, etc., was born in Prussia in 1848; came to America in 1854 with his parents and settled in Rossville, Allamakee County, Iowa. In 1865 he moved to Conover and engaged in general merchandise and lumber business; remained there until 1874, then came to Calmar and established his present business. Mr. G. is th epresent mayor of Calmar, and has been a town trustee several times. He married Annie C. Huber, a native of this county. She is a daughter of F.J. Huber. They have three sons, Henry J., Frank H. and Charles W. pg 586, Winneshiek co. biographies

John Gilbert, P.O. Myron, farmer, sec. 27; owns 83 acres of land, valued at $30 per acre; son of William and Catharine Gilbert; was born in McHenry Co., Ill., in 1845. His parents moved to this county in 1856, locating in Union Prairie township; returned to Illinois in 1860, remained till 1863 and then came back and located in this township, where they still reside, i.e., father and stepmother, his mother having died in Illinois in 1849. Mr. Gilbert was married to Miss Celia Cochran Oct. 18, 1871. She was born in Wisconsin. Their children are Frank W., George A. and Arthur J. They lost one daughter, Ruth. Mr. Gilbert is a member of the Presbyterian Church. pg 492

John Gilchrist, P.O. French Creek, French Creek Township, see. 34; son of John and Sarah Robinson Gilchrist; owns 212 acres of land valued at 825 per acre; was born in Ohio Co., Va., in 1820. In early life he learned the trade of bookbinding at Wheeling, W. Va., and from 1841: to 1844 was engaged in the distributing department of the Wheeling post office. He next engaged in the grocery business, in which he principally remained until 1861, when he again entered the post office, remaining until the fall of 1864, when he came to his present farm. He was also in the postal service during the administration of President Polk. He married Elizabeth Singleton, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Singleton, April 15, 1847. Both of her parents are still living, her father having served in the war of 1812 under Capt. McLean. Mr. and Mrs. Gilchrist. have two children, John J. and Thomas, and have lost one daughter, Sarah E., who died Aug. 2, 1870. Mr. G. has served as Justice of the Peace of his township, and is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Himself and Mr. Ratcliffe were the founders of the Presbyterian Church in this neighborhood. The church edifice was built in 1872, the society having been organized in 1858 by Rev. Joseph Adams and the present pastor, Rev. W. M. Robinson. pg 494-495

Matthew Glynn, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of Linton township, is a native of County Kildare, Ireland; came to America in 1849, and settled in New York; thence to Iowa, and settled on his present farm. Mr. Glynn was for some time a teacher in Ireland as well as in this country. His family consists of himself, wife, and two sons. pg 494

L.W. Goodrich, farmer, sec. 33, P.O. Myron; owns 204 acres of land, valued at $25 per acre; son of Peter and Sarah Goodrich, was born in Chautauqua Co., N.Y., in 1824. His parents emigrated to Cook Co., Ill., in 1836, locating twenty miles from Chicago, which contained but three or four stores at that time. In 1839 the family moved into Kane Co., where his mother died in 1848. In 1852 he immigrated to Allamakee County, Iowa, locating on the farm upon which he still lives. He was married to Miss Susie A. Merriew in 1850. She is a native of Canada; they have four children, Lophelia, Stephen F., Ady J. and Henry L. Mr. Goodrich's father lives with him, and is well advanced in years, being in his 87th year. He served under Gen. Scott in the war of 1812, and was at the battle of Lundy's Lane. Mr. G. is a member of the A. F. & A. M., and has served his township as trustee several years. pg 492

A. Gordon, farmer, P.O. Postville, owns a farm of 167 acres, 1 1/2 miles from Postville, worth $50 per acre. He was born in Canada in 1836, where he remained till 1856, when he came west, traveling through several of the western and southern states during the period from 1856 to 1861, when he located on his present farm. He was married to Nancy Hardin in 1860. She was born in Morgan Co., Ohio. They have eight children, Charles F., James A., Ellen M., Lizza A., Katie, Robert B., Fred E. and Jessie G., and have lost one daughter, Hattie H. pg 492

Judge C.T. Granger stands conspicuous as a self-made man. His ancestors on his father's side were of English descent, and his mother was a native of N.Y. He was born in Monroe Co., of the Empire State, in 1835. In 1837 the family removed to Ohio, where a few years subsequently the mother died, leaving four children of whom C. T. is the youngest. In 1848 the family removed to Ill., where young Granger helped till the soil and received a few weeks schooling. In 1854 he was married to Miss Sarah H. Warner, came to Allamakee Co., and the following winter taught school in Franklin Township. The next winter he formed a partnership with Mr. Gilson, for the purpose of erecting a saw mill near the present site of the Forest Mills, but before the mill was completed he sold his interest to his partner and returned to Illinois, engaged in farming, which he followed about two years. He then turned his attention to the study of law, which he pursued by borrowing books: also taught school. In the spring of 1860 he again came to Allamakee Co., entered the law office of Hatch & Wilber, of Waukon, and in a few months was admitted to the bar. He then removed to Mitchell Co., but as there was but little law business at that time, he again resumed teaching.

In June 1862, his wife died, and in August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. K, 27th Iowa, of which he was chosen captain and served as such until mustered out of service August 8, 1865. He then returned to Mitchell Co., but in a few months, at the request of Mr. Hatch, his preceptor, he came to Waukon and was a member of the law firm of Hatch & Granger until Jan. l, 1869, at which date he was appointed District Attorney, vice L. O. Hatch, resigned: and served as such four years, during which time, in the fall of 1872, he was elected Judge of the Circuit Court, and is now serving his third term. On the 1st day of February, 1880, in partnership with L. W. Hersey and G. W. Stoddard, he organized the Waukon Bank, and has since been President of the same. His public career shows that he is held highly in the estimation of all who know him, and therefore his character requires no comment. Judge Granger is a member of the A. F. & A. M., at Waukon, and a member of the chapter at Lansing. He married his present wife, Miss Anna Maxwell, April 15, 1868, and has two children, Ula A. and Rollo S.
pgs 491-492, portrait pg 187

The second Circuit Judge was C.T. Granger, of Waukon, Allamakee County, who came upon the bench at the opening of the year 1873, for a term of four years. He was re-elected in the fall of 1876 for a second term, and agin in 1880 for a third term, in which he is now serving. pg 205, Winneshiek co. section

H. G. Grattan, P.O. Waukon, farmer, sec. 10; owns a farm of 270 acres, pleasantly situated, and with first class improvements; is a son of Amos and Abbey Grattan; was born in Oswego Co., N.Y., in 1826, his parents emigrating to Wisconsin in 1835, entering a claim of land upon which the city of Kenosha was subsequently located. At the age of 13 he engaged in the office of Kenosha Telegraph, then published by Sholes Bros., pioneer publishers, in whose employ he continued some four years, after which he went to Janesville, Wis., in 1845, and became identified with the Janesville Gazette till 1848, when he established the Freeport Journal, continuing the publication till 1852. He then went to Mr. Carroll and established the Carroll Co. Republican, and was afterwards connected with the Sterling Gazette. In 1853 he discontinued his connection in the newspaper business and engaged as salesman for John S. Wright in the agricultural implement business, which he continued till 1861, when he engaged as traveling salesman and collector for C. H. McCormick & Co., in whose employ he continued sixteen years, although moving his family to this county in 1865 and locating on his present farm. He also run the implement business in Waukon some four years. Mr. G. has been married three times, his first marriage being to Miss Jane Frank, of Wisconsin, in 1847, who died in 1849; his second in 1850 to Phoebe J. Tisdel, of Illinois, who died in 1865. In 1866 he was married to Mrs. Rosena Russell. By his first wife he has one son, Marion T; by his second wife, Orlando T. and Mary, having lost one daughter, Jane; and by his present wife he has two children, John and Decorah. Mr. G. was postmaster of the Ludlow post office some twelve years, the office now being discontinued. He is at present one of the trustees of the Agricultural College, also a member of the A. F. & A. M. pg 492-493

Alfred Green, farmer, P.O. Dorchester; was born May 10th, 1810, Washington, New York; moved to Pennsylvania in 1835. In 1853 he came to Waterloo Township, this county; thence to Houston County, Minn., where he remained until 1869, when he returned to this county. He married Hannah Winder, in 1842, and has seven children living, Levi N., Etiza, Olive, Mary, Harriet, James and Etnily. They have lost two by death, Phoebe and Joseph. pg 495

E. S. Green, wagon maker, was born in N.Y., in 1819, resided in the State until 1855. He then removed to Ill., and in 1856 to Iowa, lived in Winneshiek county seven years, then in Fayette county until 1872, since which time he has been in the employ of Holahan & Buggy, of Waukon. He was married in 1844: to Miss L. Stowell, a native of N.Y. The children living are Lydia E., now Mrs. Edwin A. Kreamer, of West Union, and Charles M. pg 494

Rev. Levi N. Green, pastor of the M. E. Church at New Albion, Iowa, was born Jan. 1, 1843, in Crawford Co., Pa. He came to Iowa in 1853, locating in this Co. In 1861 he enlisted in Co. H. 9th Iowa Infantry, and in 1864 again enlisted as a veteran. In 1872 he purchased his present farm of 385 acres in Hanover Township He was married Oct. 6, 1874, to Alice Buhnan, a native of Union City township They have three children, Marinn E., Emma G., and an infant. Rev. Green was admitted to the conference this year, and assumed his charge at New Albion. pg 495

Isaac Greer, was born in the State of Ohio in 1829; came to Iowa in 1853, and first settled in Linn County. In 1856 he came to Waukon, and in 1857 purchased land in Ludlow Township, where he followed farming about eight years, after which he returned to Waukon and was engaged in mercantile life until 1882, in he spring of which year he engaged in drilling wells. He was married in 1851 to Miss A. C. Hatch. The children living are Edwin, Leander and Vesta. Mr. Greet is a member of the A.F. & A.M., A.O.U.W.. and V.A.S. pg 493

Theo. Groezinger, was born in Germany, November 26, 1833. He first located in Ohio, thence in 1855 to Dubuque, In 1861 he enlisted in the United States service, serving four months; he re-enlisted in Company B, 27th Iowa, as first lieutenant, served one year and was discharged on account of physical disability. He then engaged in the hardware business in company with John Ruth, which he continued about two years. He again went to Dubuque, where he remained seven years, since which time he has been in Lansing, insuring and collecting. He married Louise Schultz; they have seven children, Theodore, Emma, Frederick, Herman, Nanny, Gustave and Elsie. pg 494


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