Notes for the 1856 Iowa State Census
Allamakee co. Iowa

Census Year: 1856, Iowa State-Census
Microfilm:   Family History Center, Film Number 1021290/J-59925 (051-018)
State:       Iowa
County:      Allamakee
These notes are for Townships:
    Center Township.
    Fairview Township.
    French Creek Township.
    Hanover Township.
    Iowa Township.
    Jefferson Township.
    Makee Township.
    Taylor Township.
    Union City Township
    Union Prairie Township.
    Waterville Township (Paint Creek).

Enumerator: as listed on each applicable document.
Date Certified: as listed on each applicable document.

General Notes / Comments:
1.  Some (many) names appear to be spelled phonetically, so use imagination as to
    other possible spellings as you read through the following census-lists.
    Equivalent names may be spelled in some other form in census collected during other years.

2.  Column titles may be abbreviated. For example:
    a. "NBR DWGS" was "Number of dwelling homes".
    b. "NBR FAM" was Number of families".
    c. "YRS RES" was "Years resident in the State".
    d. "BORN" was "In what State or Foreign Country born".

3.  Name entries are listed in "Dwelling Number" sequence, not necessarily in census
    page-number sequence. For example, the census for Center Township shows Family's
    #1 through #18 on census-pages No. 458 and 460. Family's #19 through #26 and #27
    through #35 are listed on Page 456 and Page 462 respectively.

4.  Inconsistencies will be noted between data recorded in the columns titled "NBR DWGS" and
    "NBR FAM." In some instances (for example), the same sequential number is shown in both columns
    (Fairview and Union Prairie Townships). Center Township shows a sequential number for each
    "NBR DWGS" and a different, but sequential number for the "NBR FAM". Iowa Township shows a
    sequential number in the "NBR FAM" column, but is not consistent with regards to data in the
    "NBR DWGS" column.

5.  Somewhat unusual entries were noted in the census of Taylor Township.
    The surname of Ole Knudson (Dwelling/Family: 47/1) was followed by several spaces and then
    the word "Istern" (possibly "Iston"). Similarly, the entry for Ole Oleson (Dwelling/Family 48/1)
    was followed by the word "Honista" (possibly "Konista"). Both families are of Norwegian descent.
    It is uncertain, but those words might be names of a farm or other locality in Norway.

6.  The original census includes Agricultural Statistics (acreage, types of crops, etc).
Those items are not included in this summary. Please refer to the microfilm for those items.



~Transcribed by Patrick J. Utecht and proofread by Maureen O'Brien Creswick 
~Copyright 2003 by Patrick J. Utecht
~Permission to post on the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb site was given by Patrick J. Utecht

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