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Adams county was not established until 1853 so to find relatives prior to that date you may have to check census info for Pottawattamie county. 

Once you click on a link below and the resulting pages are returned,  you can narrow your search by inputting names in the  first and or last name fields on the left hand side of the page and then clicking on the 'Update' button.
Census 1860
Census 1870
Unfortunatley, for 1870 they did not index by county so you have to search the entire state.  You really need to filter by unique first and last name to narrow it down.
Census 1880
Census 1900
Census 1910
Census 1920
Census 1930
Census 1940

State Census Information

1856 Jasper Township
Polly Eckles
1856 Quincy Township
Polly Eckles


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