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R. L. Polk Iowa State Gazetteer & Business
Directory for 1882-1883

ADAIR.    A station on the C. R. I. & P. Ry, in the extreme northwest portion of Adair county, 20 miles from Greenfield (c h), and 60 miles west from Des Moines. Exports, grain and livestock. Ir was settled in 1878, and now has a population of 400. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U. Mail daily, H. W. Smith, postmaster.

    Arnold F D, railroad and express agent.
    Faga George & Co, general store.
    Gordinier F L, druggist and flour mill.
    Kinsley & Montgomery, meat market.
    Lovell D B, general store.
    Moran J E, general store.
    Parsons F, druggist.
    Sheeran Annie, general store.
    Smith Ella M, sewing machines and stationary.
    Stuart Charles, lumber, grain and stock.
    Turner W R, lumber and grain.

ARBOR HILL.    A farming settlement in Adair county, 7 miles east of Greenfield (c h), its shipping station. Mail, semi-weekly.

CANBY.    A farming community in the northern part of Adair county, ?? miles from Greenfield (c h), and 6 south of Casey, its shipping station on the I. div. C. RI. I. & P. Ry. Price of land, $15 to $20 per acre. Tri-weekly mail stage run to Casey; fare, 50c. Joseph Lester, postmaster.

    Crooks Rev (Methodist Episcopal).
    Kees H, farm impts.
    Lesher Joseph, school teacher.
    Lowry George W, blacksmith.
    Roberts E S, broom mnfr.

FISK.    Mainly a farming settlement, in Adair county, 10 miles southwest of Greenfield (c h), and 7 west of Orient on C. br. C., B. & Q. R. R., its shipping point. Grain, beef and hogs are marketed. Mail, semi-weekly. P. M. Otis, postmaster.

    Capps J L, farmer.
    Coolbaugh J, live stock.
    Ewing T M, live stock.
    Kinsman N, carpenter.
    Ray R, live stock.
    Schwah Elic, live stock.
    Smith James, wagonmaker.
    Stepohens Bros, farmers.
    Ward Miles, blacksmith.

FONTANELLE.    A station on the C. & N. br. C., B. & Q. R. R. in Adair county, 6 miles west of Greenfield (c h), 30 morthwest of Creston, and 220 from Burlington. The town is incorporated, has some 800 inhabitants, a graded school, 3 religious societies, with 2 church buildings, a bank, and a weekly newpaper, the Observer. Shipments, grain, stock, butter and eggs. Mail stages to Casey and Corning twi-weekly; fares, $1 and $1.50. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Mail, daily. F. B. Marquart, postmaster.

    Adams H W & Co (Mrs Hugh W Adams, Miss F Taylor), milliners.
    Adams Rev P R (Congregational).
    Bahlman & Mathews (Jacob Bahlman, Mathis Mathews),
       flour mill.
    Bailey & Fox (Julian F Bailey, Robert H Fox),
       real estate.
    Bates Albion, barber.
    Bennett Sylvester, express agent.
    Bennett & Shannon (Sylvester Bennett, D A Shannon),
       coal and farm implts.
    Blystone Frederick A, hardware.
    Bradfield House, George T Whisler propr.
    Brant Adam, meat market.
    Davis George A, general store.
    Davis J D, barber.
    Dunlap D N, elevator.
    Durham Mills, Stacy & Chaney proprs, flour mills.
    Edmundson Wm H, blacksmith.
    England & West, brick mnfrs, 2 miles east.
    Ewing Mrs Robert E, milliner.
    Farmers Bank, J C Gibbs pres, W Taylor cashier.
    Fontanelle Observer (Weekly, Republican),
       Rany & McManigal Proprs.  Only Paper in  West Half of the County.
    Grass & Storey (Henry Grass, John A Storey), lawyers.
    Green & Fancher (B A Green, E N Fancher), lumber.
    Gibbs House, Byron Dwinelle propr.
    Gibbs Lanson, flour mill.
    Gillis & Ross (Anne Gillis, Sarah Ross), milliner.
    Hibbs, Wm C, sewing machines.
    Holmes Joseph W, cigar mnfr.
    Holmes & Co (J W and O C Holmes), farm implts.
    Horn Wm F, railroad agent.
    Hoyt Wm R, photographer.
    Hurlbert James H, live stock.
    Linn James, grocer.
    Longnecker Amelius O, restaurant.
    Loudon John W, grocer.
    McDermid Dr Peter, druggist.
    McGraw Adolphus, restaurant.
    Marqauart Frederick B, postmaster.
    Monnett H Virgil, physician.
    Moore T M, physician.
    Morley Wm, hardware.
    Powers John G, harnessmaker.
    Rafter Mary J, restaurant.
    Rany James, livestock.
    Rany & McManigal (M A Rany, C M McManigal), proprs
    Rathman Wm, shoemaker.
    Reiner Wm, dry goods.
    Reynolds & Simmons (Thomas M Reynolds, John T.
       Simmons), blacksmiths.
    Rodgers George, general store.
    Russell Artemus, hardware.
    Saulsberry Wm, livery.
    Scott Calvin B, physician.
    Scott & Son (Calvin B and Leslie), druggists.
    Seymour Wm M, wagonmaker.
    Shannon Duano, carpenter.
    Shannon Harlow B, furniture.
    Sherdeman Louisa L, coal.
    Slocum Lewis J, general store.
    Stoffel Bernard, grocer.
    Stuhlmiller Charles, harnessmaker.
    Taylor John, lumber.
    Venen Almon S, jeweler.
    Walsworth Oliver B, grocer.
    Whaler George T, justice of peace.
    Whittington Wm, livery.
    Wicks & Jones (John Wicks, Alfred Jones), blacksmiths.
    Wilson Rev J A (Meth Episcopal).
    Wood, Eliza A, general store.

HEBRON.    In Adair county, 14 miles southeast of Greenfield (c h), and 9 northeast of Orient, on the C. br. C., B. & Q. R. R., its shipping station. Population, 50. Mail, semi-weekly. C. N. Carrier, postmaster.

    Brown Rev O E.
    Carrier B M, barber.
    Carrier C N, Blacksmith and Grocer.
    Davis Rev H.
    Hartman H G, shoemaker.
    Prather J, constable.
    Shatto --, justice of peace.

HOLADAYS.    Eleven miles north of Greenfield (c h), Adair county, from which point it receives a daily mail, and 9 southwest of Stuart. the nearest shipping station, on the I. div. C., R. I. & P. R. R. George B. Wilson, postmaster.

ORIENT.    A station on the C. br. C., B. & Q. R. R., in Adair county, 13 miles north of Creston and 10 south of Greenfield (c h). It has 2 churches, a district school, and ships grain and stock. Nearest bank at Greenfield. Population, 250. Exp., Am. Tel., W. U. Mail, daily. E. H. Sprague, postmaster.

    Baxter A, druggist.
    Colby J N, hardware.
    Crumrine S, blacksmith.
    Hennessey Mark, grain.
    Hoffslotter John, builder.
    Howard D R, railroad and express agent.
    Jackson J B, blacksmith.
    Jackson S, blacksmith.
    Louden A R, live stock.
    Lynch M, saloon.
    Peat & Milnen, lumber.
    Slocum --, general store.
    Smith M, saloon.
    Spark H C, druggist.
    Sprague E H, General Store.

STUART.    Lies two-thirds in Guthrie and one-third in Adair county, on the I. div. of the C. R. I. & P. Ry, and is the terminus of the Guthrie branch and the main divisional station of the road in Iowa. The workshops of the company cover 20 acres and 350 men are employed, upwards of $20,000 being paid out monthly, which adds considerably to the welfare of the town. It was laid out in 1869, and incorporated in 1877. The population may be said to number 2,500. Stuart is distant 215 miles from Davenport, 40 from Des Moines and 18 from Guthrie Center (c h). The chief business features of the town are 2 banks, a brewery, 2 large grain elevators, and carriage and wagon shops. There are 3 weekly newspapers published, of which the Stuart Ledger is a 9 column folio, having a circulation of over 1,300, and is the best advertising medium in Guthrie, Adair, Dallas or Madison counties. There are 2 fine 3-story brick school buildings, and 6 churches, comprising the Catholic, Medhodist, Baptist, Congregational, Quaker and Christian denominations. An immense quantity of corn is raised in the neighborhood, as much as 500,000 bushels sometimes being in crib at this point at one time. This, with live stock, forms the chief shipment. Stages run to Panora and Greenfield daily; fare $1.50. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U. Mail daily. Wm. P. Moulton, postmaster.

    Adams & Goshorn (Benjamin S Adams, Robert M.
       Goshorn), Lawyers, Reference if Desired.
    Ainsworth, Holmes & Co, farm implts and coal.
    Allen Thomas F, Secretary Farmers Mutual Fire
       Association and General Insurance Agent, over
       Stuart Bank.
    Atkinson Thomas, wagonmaker.
    Bates James S, restaurant.
    Bates & Adams (Jacob R Bates, Howard Adams), general store.
    Beach David, physician and justice.
    Beaty Swain, barber.
    Berner Charles H, hardware.
    Blanchard Eugene H, livery.
    Blanchard Joesph B & Co (Joseph B Blanchard, Geroge Gray,
       Charles Stuart), grain and farm implts.
    Bowlby J M, propr Dean House.
    Boynton Ebenezer V, jeweler.
    Brownold C & Co (Charles and Martin Brownold), clothing.
    Cady House, J Pines propr.
    Caldwell & Hyatt (John R Caldwell, Enock Hyatt), carpenters
       and builders.
    Campbell E, restaurant and grocer.
    Chantry David L, flour and grist mill, 4 miles n e.
    Chapman E G, cashr Stuart Bank.
    Chapman John, grocer.
    Collins John D, shoemaker.
    Commercial House, Richard N Dean propr.
    Conger Edwin H, Pres Exchange Bank.
    Conger Willard B, Cashr Exchange Bank.
    Couch James H, physician.
    Crooks Thomas E, books and stationary.
    Dean House, J M Bowlby propr.
    Dean Richard N, propr Commercial House.
    Deford Frank, tailor.
    Detweiler Rev G H (Methodist).
    Dorman H & Sons (Henry, Henry J C and August H Dorman),
       general store.
    Dosh & Kersey (Jacob R Dosh, Jonathan H Kersey), physicians.
    Drake A T, justice of peace.
    Dunham L N, mason.
    Eber John W, brewer.
    Edlridge J M, propr Iowa House.
    Eustis Wm A, furniture and undertaker.
    Exchange Bank, E H Conger Pres, W B Conger Cahsr, Oldest
       Bank in the County; Collections Promptly Attended to.
    Farmers Mutual Fire Association, Jonathan J Morris Pres, 
       Thomas F Allen Sec.
    Francis Wm J, farm implts.
    Fritz Frederick C, sewing machines and musical instruments.
    Fogg Charles S, lawyer.
    Foley Rev James (Catholic).
    Futcher Henry, live stock.
    Gibbs Richard C, grocer.
    Gibbs Sanuel F, Attorney-at-Law, Real Estate and Loan Agent
       and Justice for Guthrie County, over Stuart Bank.
    Gleichman John M, shoemaker.
    Gray I & J, restaurant.
    Green Jeremiah, notions.
    Griffin Charles P, meat market.
    Grove J B, dry goods, etc.
    Hackthorne George W, painter.
    Haiden Frank, barber.
    Hamlin George, mason.
    Harshaw C, general store.
    Herriott John, druggist.
    Hiatt Rev B B (Friends).
    Hill John F, livery.
    Hills S C & Co (sarah C and Ward H Hill), general store.
    House Thomas A, restaurant.
    Hullinger Jonathan, blacksmith.
    Iowa House, Joseph W Eldridge propr.
    Isham Willard M, general store.
    Knox John A, physician.
    Lahman & Agen (Reece Lahman, Patrick Agen), livery.
    Laubaugh Henry, grain.
    Le Roy Dr Henry C, druggist, books and stationary.
    Limpke Wm, carpenter.
    Long & Applegate (Henry E Long, James H Applegate), lawyers.
    McCann George & Co (George McCann, James Wright), grocers.
    McDaniels & McCrae (-- McDaniels, Chas McCrae), lumber.
    McElroy George W, saloon.
    McPherson Rev Daniel (Friends).
    Maier George, jeweler.
    Mansfield & Desprez (Chancy S Mansfield, Aaron Desprez), saloon.
    Martin J R, carpenter.
    Metcalf Jesse P, general store.
    Miles Wm, second-hand store.
    Miller & Co (Thomas W Miller, Charles F Widowmaker), grocers.
    Montague Mrs E N, milliner.
    Montgomery John, pumps.
    Montgomery John T, painter.
    Morrison David, carpenter.
    Moulton & Thode (Wm P Moulton, John E Thode), editors and props
       Stuart Locomotive.
    Neal Charles W, lawyer.
    O'Brien Thomas, boots and shoes.
    O'Neill Edward, saloon.
    Pennell Mrs Oliver L, milliner.
    Pines J, propr Cady House.
    Prager Peter, meat market.
    Randall & Dickey (George O Randall, Adam Dickey), farm implts.
    Rathmann Christian, cigars and tobacco.
    Reed Rev C F (Baptist).
    Reinecke John F, tailor.
    Reynolds Rev G W (Congregational).
    Robinson John, carpenter.
    Roper James E, physician.
    Ryan Michael, general store.
    Ryan Patrick, clothing, etc.
    Schlarb Wm, saloon.
    Sedwick Wm C, physician.
    Severin Wm, meat market.
    Shaw Willis R, lumber and coal.
    Shetterley J L M, dentist.
    Shetterley & Co (J L M Shetterley, Elijah Hartsell), real 
       estate and insurance.
    Smart Alexander, railroad and express agent.
    Smith Albert F, barber.
    Smull John R, grocer.
    Smythe Herman A, hardware.
    Stevens & Miller (Wm Stevens, Ephraim Miller), carpenters and
    Stokes John, flour and feed.
    Stuart Bank, E G Chapman cashr.
    Stuart Ledger (Ind), Adams & Goshorn Editors and Proprs.
       Circulation 1,300.  (See Sketch.)
    Stuart Locomotive (Rep), Moulton & Thode editors and proprs.
    Swartz Adam, photographer.
    Thomas Clarkson G, dentist.
    Tisdale Mrs Charles, dressmaker.
    Treat Dr Joseph A, drugs and books.
    Trindle Alexander, grocer.
    Viele C P, grocer.
    Wallace Wm, saloon.
    Warner Jacob, carpenter.
    Wasson & Nelson (S J Wasson, J Q Nelson), carriagemakers.
    Williams Frank, painter.
    Williams & Yearkes (Melville Williams, Thomas Yearkes),
    Yager & Kenyon, carpenters.
    Young Charles, harnessmaker.
    Zieger & Huntoon (Louis Zieger, Wm P Huntoon), real estate, etc.


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