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Adair County Iowa
1880 Census
Adair Village
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View the originial census pages on microfilm. Link starts on page 1, scroll through the pages to get to the page you need. The page number is in the upper left hand corner of the page. There is also information about occupations at this link.

Transcribed by Carlyss Noland

Adair Village microfilm
Last name First name
Coleman John
Coleman Jane
Moreland John
Delany Joseph
Delany Susan A.
Delany James
Delany Henry
Delany Joseph
Delany Henry
Irvin John
Irvin Mary
Clark Thomas
Clark Uenidia
Clark Thomas
Noyes Jonathan
Mix Geo.
Mix Mary
Mix Geo.
Mix Margie
Mix Rosa
Mix Willie
Mix Laurence
Mix Charles
Palmer John
Palmer Mary
Palmer Martha
Palmer Hannah
Palmer Frank
Wilson Margaret
Furst Ferdinand
Furst Susan
Furst Milton
Furst Roy F.
Furst Susan
Sheeran John
Sheeran Fanny
Sheeran James P.
Sheeran Ellen
Camper Charles
Camper Maggie
Delahanty Michael
Delahanty Ellen
Bunker James
Bunker Sarah
Bunker Bell
Bunker Emma
Bunker Ida
Bunker Hattie
Armstrong William
Armstrong Laura

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